A Tekkies playlist might go a long way

FNB Varsity Shield

They might not have won any matches this season, but FNB CPUT's home crowd has got some great gees. The crowd in Wellington, where the team is based, gets behind their team and definitely live up to the FNB Varsity Cup & FNB Varsity Shield tagline: #MakeTheTeam.

Despite being thrashed at home, twice, so far this season, the FNB CPUT Tekkies' students never ceased to show up in numbers at the stadium. A sea of light blue FNB Varsity Shield supporter t-shirts is a surety on match days. The FNB CPUT DJs know how to get the crowd going. 

At every home game, there are two specific songs that get the home crowd on their feet and singing in unison. In true FNB CPUT fashion, the DJ de Villiers Stadium erupts and the crowd gets behind their team and makes the [FNB CPUT] team. 

FNB CPUT has not been on the right side of the scoreboard all season. The Wellington-based side made a good start in their maiden season, in 2017, narrowly losing out to eventual FNB Varsity Shield champions FNB UWC. But that was as good as it got for FNB CPUT. They recorded five wins, but following a ruling, they have deducted points and subsequently lost three matches. 

What makes the FNB CPUT supporters even more special is that they aren't motivated by their team's points on the scoreboard. Inspirational scenes and sounds from the stadium certainly gets the team going, who have scored points nearly every time the crowd sings. 

With one more home game left and a possible first victory against basement-dwelling FNB Rhodes, for the season, will give the Tekkies supporters one last opportunity to see their boys in blue. Hopefully on the right side of the scoreboard. 

One cannot help but wonder if, for next season, the FNB CPUT loyal supporters get started on their singing a little earlier, maybe just before kick-off. Perhaps the DJs could even create a bespoke playlist for the Tekkies crowd. All is not lost for FNB CPUT but they certainly need to try thinking outside and maybe just maybe a dedicated song list for the home games is what the team needs to get some wins under the belt.