Wh_t h_ppened to our 'A'?

FNB Varsity Cup

You might have noticed a missing letter on the Varsity Cup logo. We’re participating in a global campaign to raise awareness around blood donation, and sign up new donors. South Africa is in dire need of regular blood donors. Join us in the cause by dropping a letter from your name or social media handle and using the #MissingTypes hashtag, and make an effort to visit your nearest blood donor centre.

At present, only one in approximately every 140 people are blood donors. This means the nation is always a little short of blood. We need to change this by getting South Africans to assist the SANBS not to just create awareness, but to prompt people to donate blood. Essentially, blood donation needs to be put back on the public agenda.

There are four blood types: A, AB, B and O. We've dropped our A, and encourage you to drop the As, Bs and Os from your names for a week only, in order to raise awareness of blood types and, of course, to create a physical metaphor for the very real problem we face – a shortage of blood and blood donors in South Africa.