FNB Varsity Cup 2021 Pink Shorts Campaign

The 2021 edition of the FNB Varsity Cup will be unlike any previous competition. For the first time, the tournament is forced to take place under strict health regulations. Following a 2020 season that was disrupted by Covid-19, the Varsity Cup family is thankful to be back on the field.  

“This season we’re kicking off by saying THANK YOU to all our stakeholder varsities, players, coaches, backroom staff, media, fans, sponsors and broadcaster for their support during what has been a difficult year for all,” says Xhanti-Lomzi Nesi, Tournament Manager for FNB Varsity Cup. “Varsity rugby is the breeding ground for new talent and the Varsity Cup and Varsity Shield tournaments have played a major role in changing the lives of not only many players, but also coaches, administrators and fans.  

“Throughout the tournament we will continue to extend our thanks to the many people who have carried South Africa through a very tough time. If you want to change someone's life, start by acknowledging them. Start by saying thank you. And this is what we’re going to do this year. The Covid-19 pandemic took too many lives and destroyed many livelihoods and sadly the battle is not yet over.

"As a tournament, we’re taking a stand and opening a conversation by saying THANK YOU to all South Africans. We are thankful to have the opportunity to play and to be able to give the fans and the players an occasion to enjoy the game they love. We’re inviting everyone to resist fear and division and instead stand together in acknowledging the good and true South African spirit,” adds Nesi.  

Throughout the FNB Varsity Cup THANK YOU initiative we will shine the spotlight on various groups of people who have played their part in carrying our country through a difficult year. Eleven groups have been identified and named in the 11 official languages of the country.  

“Although we only identified 11 groups, we acknowledge that there are many more people to thank,” says Nesi. “We invite our fans to join us this season in an outpouring of thankfulness and to reach out to their fellow South Africans as we play our part in rebuilding our society.”  

“A mere ‘THANK YOU’, in a moment of appreciation, can ignite new friendships and change the world we live in,” adds Nesi.  

Get to know the groups that FNB Varsity Cup will acknowledge, each week during the tournament. Join us on social media and give your shout-out to people you may know or are thankful for and use the hashtags #ChangingLives #ThankYou

Nurse (Representing all health workers) 



First aid/medic (Representing those in the emergency services) 


Abezimo eziphuthumayo 

Teachers (Representing education) 



Parents (Moms and dads) 



University students (Representing all university students) 



Baithuti ba Yunibesithi  

Farmers (Representing food production) 



Taxi drivers (Representing transport) 


Taxi drivers 

Delivery drivers (Representing the home delivery industry, those drivers who transport things/goods) 



Bashayeli labahambisa imitfwalo 

Scientists (Representing research and vaccine development)  



Vativi va Sayense 

Cash-out register/store manager (Everyone who works in a shop, from the person you meet at the door to floor assistants, cashiers and managers)  




Municipal worker (Representing essential service delivery) 


isiSebenzi sakaMasipala