FNB Varsity Shield celebrates 10 years in 2020!

In 2011, a second tier was added below the FNB Varsity Cup tournament called FNB Varsity Shield.

Seven university teams participate in FNB Varsity Shield after three new universities joined the competition in 2017 - FNB CUT, FNB Rhodes and FNB WSU. FNB UFH and 2015 winners FNB UKZN are the only ever-present teams in FNB Varsity Shield history. FNB Wits, FNB CUT and FNB UWC have all been promoted to FNB Varsity Cup over the years.

The scores in the finals thus far has been:

2011  FNB WITS 18-25 FNB CUT @ Wits Rugby Stadium

2012  FNB CUT 17-19 FNB WITS @ CUT Rugby Stadium

2013  FNB CUT 29-19 FNB UWC @ CUT Rugby Stadium

2014  FNB CUT 35-26 FNB UKZN @ CUT Rugby Stadium

2015  FNB WITS 24-29 FNB UKZN @ Wits Rugby Stadium

2016  FNB WITS 39-2 FNB UWC @ Wits Rugby Stadium

2017  FNB UWC 45-2 FNB UFH @ UWC Stadium

2018  FNB UWC 55-10 FNB WSU @ UWC Stadium

2019  FNB MADIBAZ 28-32 FNB CPUT @ Madibaz Stadium