FNB Varsity Young Guns adds to varsity rugby pipeline...

In 2012, a new competition was added to form part of the competition setup and is known as the FNB Varsity Young Guns. This competition is played between the Under-20 teams of the nine FNB Varsity Cup universities. Considering they've played in seven of the eight finals to date, winning five, FNB UP-Tuks are the dominant force at this level... However, they have not had it all their own way as the scores in finals prove:

2012  FNB UP-TUKS 35-26 MATIES @ Tuks Stadium

2013  MATIES 21-50 FNB UP-TUKS @ Danie Craven Stadium

2014  FNB UP-TUKS 17-17* FNB UFS @ Tuks Stadium

2015  FNB UFS 13-26 FNB UP-TUKS @ Shimla Park

2016  FNB UJ 24-47 FNB UP-TUKS @ UJ Stadium

2017  FNB UP-TUKS 42-37 MATIES @ UWC Stadium

2018  FNB MATIES 45-37 FNB UP-TUKS @ UWC Stadium

2019  FNB MATIES 32-22 FNB NWU @ Danie Craven Stadium
*FNB UFS won via a kick off.