Res players get their moment in the sun too!

The FNB Res Rugby competition - formerly known as the Koshuis Rugby Championship from 2008 to 2017 - is contested on an annual basis between the winning university residence (koshuis) teams of the nine FNB Varsity Cup universities.

The University of the Free State have been the most regular supplier of the FNB Res Rugby champions, six times in fact, thanks to FNB Vishuis' four wins and one each from FNB Huis Armentum and FNB Heimat.

Here are the scores in finals:

2008   FNB Dagbreek (SU) 22-14 FNB Maroela (UP) @ Danie Craven Stadium
2009   FNB Huis Armentum (UFS) 30-16 FNB Dromedaris (UJ) @ Danie Craven Stadium
2010    FNB Dagbreek (SU) 7-22 FNB Vishuis (UFS) @ Danie Craven Stadium
2011     FNB Patria (NWU) 21-0 FNB Simonsberg (SU) @ Tuks Stadium
2012    FNB Vishuis (UFS) 44-26 FNB Dagbreek (SU) @ Tuks Stadium
2013    FNB Vishuis (UFS) 20-16 FNB Villagers (NWU) @ Danie Craven Stadium
2014    FNB Patria (NWU) 12-20 FNB Heimat (UFS) @ Fanie du Toit Sports Ground
2015    FNB Vishuis (UFS) 23-29 FNB Mopanie (UP) @ Shimla Park
2016    FNB Vishuis (UFS) 37-29 FNB Patria (NWU) @ Danie Craven Stadium
2017    FNB Vishuis (UFS) 25-10 FNB Patria (NWU) @ Tuks Stadium
2018    FNB Vishuis (UFS) 55-29 FNB Patria (NWU) @ Danie Craven Stadium
2019    FNB Patria (NWU) 16-8 FNB Vishuis (UFS) @ Danie Craven Stadium