UP-Tuks, Shimlas and UJ fans... this is how you buy a ticket

Your favourite FNB Varsity Cup team is FNB UP-Tuks, FNB Shimlas or FNB UJ but you're unsure of how to get a ticket to their home matches. Avoid the FOMO by following these steps:



Enter www.varsitycup.co.za into your favourite browser (of course, it's already in your favourites... right!?) and then click on the TICKETS tab.



Scroll down to the team that you want to watch and click Buy Now.



Then, once the plankton.mobi portal opens up, click Buy Tickets.


Select the date of the game you want to watch.

Choose the amount of tickets you want to buy.

Click Checkout.

Step: 5 

You'll be required to login to the plankton.mobi portal.

(Register an account and log in if you don not have an account yet.)

Step: 6 

Tick the box asking if you are over the age of 18.

Click Checkout.

Step: 7

Select your payment method, pay and your ticket will be sent to your email address. Display your ticket at the Tuks Stadium, Shimla Park or UJ Stadium gates a enjoy a game of #RugbyThatRocks.