Miss Varsity Cup and Miss Varsity Shield is all about empowerment in 2020

The FNB Varsity Cup is about so much more than just rugby.

Over the past 11 years, each university also participated in the Miss Varsity Cup and Miss Varsity Shield competitions. These competitions allowed rugby’s female supporters to show their backing for their respective teams and participate in the various fundraising activities.

In 2020, the competition is all about the empowerment of women within their universities and giving them a platform to give back to their communities.

The purpose of the Miss Varsity Cup and Miss Varsity Shield competition is to focus on empowering candidates off the field in the way that the FNB Varsity Cup inspires those on the field.

This is not a beauty contest, but an opportunity awarded to candidates who want to establish themselves in the world. We want candidates that exude leadership and live the FNB Varsity Cup brand.

The FNB Varsity Cup brand believes in changing lives and creating better futures for our youth through sport and the Miss Varsity Cup competition is no different.

Once again, each university will carry out their own internal Miss Varsity Cup selection process in 2020. Stay tuned to university's social media channels and bulletin boards for more info...

2019 Winners:
Aya Zansi of FNB Maties
Lekeesha Adams of FNB UKZN
2017 Winners:
Gizelle Venske of FNB Tuks
Khensani Maseko of FNB Rhodes