CUT FNB Res Rugby preparing for kick-off

FNB Varsity Cup, Koshuis Rugby

The 2018 season of CUT's FNB Res Rugby is set to kick off during July this year. The season finale will be on Friday 7 September, when the two top campus teams will clash head on for the coveted trophy, currently held by the FNB Lions.

The FNB Lions will be fighting with teeth and claws to retain their title of CUT FNB Res Rugby champions and Varsity Cup Res Rugby representatives for 2019, and the bragging rights for the next twelve months on campus.

For the 2018 season, the teams will, once again, be based on the geographical location of faculties on campus, as there are still only 2,5 men’s hostels at the CUT.

FNB Lions
Students from the northern parts of campus, including students studying Health & Environmental Sciences, will participate in the league as FNB Lions. Indications are that the defending campus rugby champions will, again, be a force to be reckoned with. Under coach Michael Steyn, this team has grown in stature over the last five years into a formidable unit.

FNB Tigers
Students from the north-eastern areas of the campus, including mechanical and electrical engineering departments, will be out to improve on last year’s performances. The yellow shirts should not be under estimated at all this year. Their willing forwards and skilled backs should hold the key for potential success in 2018.

FNB Rhinos
Students from the western and south-western areas of the campus will want to regain their spirits after last year, and get back to their winning ways. 2017 was not their best year, and as previous winners of the title, there is no reason why these students from the faculties of Management and Humanities could not, once again, achieve top honours in campus rugby.

FNB Buffalo
The 2017-season was a nightmare for the black jerseys. As previous winners of three titles since 2011, these students from IT, Built environment and Civil Engineering will be dead set on getting back to the heights they are used to. They have more than enough star performers in their ranks, but will need to come to the party with a lot more conviction and determination this year.

FNB Falcons
South-eastern campus students will be boasted by former eagle players this year, and should be a new force to be reckoned with in 2018. An abundance of flair and mobility should be their strongest features in the new season at CUT. The FNB Falcons could be the biggest dark horse in 2018.

The kickoff to the 2018 season will take place on Friday 3 August on the CUT Stadium, at 17:00.