FNB CUT Young Guns need to shape up

FNB Varsity Cup, Young Guns

FNB CUT Young Guns will play their first home match of the 2019 season in Bloemfontein, when they meet visiting FNB UJ Young Guns in week three of the competition.

FNB CUT Young Guns have started to show signs of not allowing themselves to be bullied into submission by their bigger-reputation opponents in the Varsity Cup. However, they need to start showing their loyal supporters that they do indeed have what it takes to win matches.

Against FNB Wits Young Guns, the FNB CUT Young Guns showed all the signs of getting their first win of the season, but lost the plot in the second half.

Coach Reinou Nienaber insists that FNB CUT Young Guns could have surprized the home side last Monday, in Joburg.

“If only the guys stuck to our game plan and strategies, we would certainly have had quite a different looking score board, regardless of the weather conditions,” he said.

“The matches ahead for us are not getting easier, and the team will have to learn quite quickly that, in a tough competition such as the Varsity Cup, there is no such thing as mercy and favours on that field.

“We need to shape up and grab every opportunity we get to make our mark and show our real value in the competition; or stay at home and wonder ‘what if’,” Nienaber concluded.

There is little doubt that there is more than enough talent in this squad. But the “Boyz in Blue” need to shape up and join the party.

With every defeat the opportunities become less and less to prove oneself in the toughest varsity rugby competition in the world.