FNB TUT prioritizes improvement

FNB Varsity Shield

Arguably one of the best platforms for varsity students to showcase their God-given talent nationally, the FNB Varsity Shield is only a few days away from launching.

Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) who are well known for their consistent splendid performances in Varsity Football, have no option but to focus to what’s being offered at present, the FNB Varsity Shield tournament.

FNB TUT head coach, Chris Buitendach said they have to deal with the team’s challenges, he also believes there’s room for improvement and they still need to toughen their squad to stand a chance of winning the 2019 title.

However, players might miss important matches due to their studies and that can be a challenge from the technical team’s perspective on preparations ahead of upcoming matches.

“We have to manage our problems if certain individuals aren’t there as they also need to shift their focus to their academics and we still need more depth in our team,” said Buitendach.

“Currently, I don’t know what to expect but I’m confident we’ll make it as we still have a lot of work to do and most importantly we need to get better in our matches,” added Buitendach.

Buitendach went on to say their duty as the technical team is to ensure that their players work extremely hard to be part of the team and to remain steady. Consistency has always been a major issue for several players and it has also seen many stars kiss their careers goodbye.

The lack of consistency, results to players being named one-season wonders after failing to produce their same performances over and over again.

“It’s our duty as the technical team to ensure that the players reach their full potential and to be reliable whenever needed to do so,” added Buitendach.

FNB TUT will take will go head-to-head with FNB CPUT on 21 February in a match that will take place at CPUT Sports Stadium. FNB CPUT managed to get three points from their six matches, coming sixth on the 2018 FNB Varsity Shield log with one win and five defeats.

With many additions and sponsors coming in to form partnership with FNB Varsity Cup, it is anticipated that there are going to be several major changes and additions to the tournament.  With no doubt, the red card rule takes the cake!

If a red card is given to a player of either team, the team will play with one less player and the player given the red card will go off the field, but after 15 minutes another player may be introduced to replace his red-carded teammate.

“I don’t have a problem with the rules that have been introduced, I just want the players to express themselves and enjoy the game,” concluded Buitendach.