FNB UCT Young Guns have taken touch rugby to the next level!

FNB Varsity Cup, Young Guns

What better way to prepare for a strenuous rugby practice than some competitive touch rugby to get the competitive juices flowing? FNB UCT Young Guns captain, Antony Fleischer lets us in on how the camp has created the way for a winning warmup.

What started out as nothing more than a warmup exercise between the boys has now morphed into a full blown ‘odds versus evens’ touch rugby rivalry before the coach blows the whistle to start practice. At first, the FNB Young Guns would randomly make teams and play against each other.

Recently though, “we’ve started separating the teams by odds and evens (representing the number on your jersey),” says captain Fleischer. So if you play on a Monday as an even you play on Wednesday as an even too.

It seems that they cannot get enough of the FNB Varsity Cup action so they have started taking scores of their touch rugby games in what captain Fleischer describes as “an official season-long series, with beers on the line, scores being recorded and tempers flaring during the games.”

Its competitive nature has grown so much that players are wanting to swap jerseys to play for the winning side the following week – creating some sort of a transfer season.

The skipper cannot help but find it hilarious how fired up the boys get playing for a side within a side. They enjoy the rivalry between each other in the moment, but at the end of it the team comes together to train as a unit. Antony says that this ‘odds versus evens’ touch rugby keeps the competitive spark alive and helps push themselves at training because, “it’s very easy to sit back when nothing is on the line”.

The evens seem to be the current champions in their touch rugby debut season with an overall score of 5-2 over the odds. Thankfully the FNB Varsity Cup season still has a while to go so make a game of it, odds!

Next fixture (Young Guns): 18 March FNB Wits v FNB UCT 14:00, WITS Rugby Stadium