FNB UCT Young Guns reflect over season

FNB Varsity Cup, Young Guns

At the end of every season, it is important not only to look back at the team’s performances, but to acknowledge those who excelled throughout the FNB Varsity Cup season. And this is exactly what FNB UCT Young Guns captain Ant Fleischer does.

Captain Fleischer is adamant that instead of individual standout performances, it was a team culture that carried the FNB UCT Young Guns over the line on more than one occasion. FNB Varsity Cup hosts many provincial players and Fleischer believes that his troop of senior players “helped us topple bigger teams purely through an amazing culture”. He is also grateful for last year’s successful league campaign which created a sturdy platform for this year’s second years.

Fleischer admits that it is difficult to name individual players as ‘player of the season’, but the name William Rose definitely comes to mind. He came in as a first year and already displays two first team caps to his name.

When asked if any Young Guns have their eyes on the Ikeys’ first side for next season, Fleischer remarked that “Luthando Woji and Seth Christian will make a mean front row next year”. What is more, Fleischer backs the skill not only of William Rose, but many of his senior players as well, to move their way up the ranks and secure themselves FNB Varsity Cup caps in the first side.

One cannot say that the FNB Varsity Cup season is truly done until the team has had their final fines evening. There is always that one player in the changing room who seems to always dish out fines while also avoiding many himself. Fleischer believes that Tom Price deserves the most fines although he doesn’t get the most. Price is the Young Gun’s fines master, so “he dishes them out quite frequently”. Fleischer seems to think that it is now time that Tom Price has a bit of his own medicine.

All fun and games aside, captain Ant Fleischer says that the highlight of the 2019 FNB Varsity Cup season has to be when his side bagged a 31-29 victory over FNB Tuks in Pretoria.

Fleischer would like to thank all their supporters for having their back all season long, and the FNB UCT Young Guns will return hungry for the FNB Varsity Cup 2020 title!