Heinrich Bitzi survives tackle scare

FNB Varsity Cup

When FNB CUT Ixia flyhalf, Heinrich Bitzi, got tip-tackled in the Varsity Cup clash with FNB UWC in Bellville on Monday this week, SuperSport viewers all over the nation witnessed him landing on his head and neck area. The possibility of a serious injury, even permanent injury in nature, seemed inevitable.

This incident was also testimony to the excellent medical care that injured players in Varsity Cup receive on and off the field of play. The match was delayed for several minutes, allowing emergency medical staff to safely remove Bitzi from the field and ensure the best medical attention at the hospital.

The medical care and emergency treatment after this incident thus cleared all fears of a serious injury, occurring often on rugby fields all over the world. Bitzi, therefore, was released from hospital that same evening, with the assurance that no serious injury was incurred.

Good news to the Blue Brigade, indeed!

According to Ixias team manager and former coach, Mr. Skillie Bester, Bitzi is recovering extremely well.

“This was a very frightening event for all of us, seeing him lying motionless after that tackle.

“But he is a tough young man. He will most certainly be ready for the vital clash with FNB Shimlas next week,” Bester added with a smile of relief.

This is certainly good news for all FNB CUT supporters and rugby lovers alike.

We are all looking forward to next week’s great Bloem derby clash at CUT Stadium!