Miss Varsity Cup voting 2019

FNB Varsity Cup

Miss Varsity Cup has become part of the success of the FNB Varsity Cup. Over the years, Varsity Cup's biggest fans took ownership of this entertaining and colourful competition, showing that beauty can mix with the ruggedness of rugby.

During the round-robin stages of Varsity Cup, each university eliminated finalists from their lead group, until only one candidate remained, ready to represent her university in the final round of crowning Miss Varsity Cup 2019.

You now have the opportunity to help select the winner for Miss Varsity Cup 2019. Simply click here http://bit.do/MissVarsityCup2019 or here https://www.instagram.com/varsitycupsa and cast your vote.

A panel of three judges will select the overall winner of Miss Varsity Cup. The public vote via social media will be included in the final decision by the panel of judges and carry the same weight as a single judge.

To vote on social media, simply Like or Love your favourite on Facebook or Like your favourite on Instagram.

Miss Varsity Cup voting closes on Monday at 12pm.

The winner of Miss Varsity Cup will be announced at the final of Varsity Cup on 15 April 2019, live on SuperSport 201.