Rhodes set for crunch last Varsity Shield game against CPUT

FNB Varsity Shield

FNB CPUT head to the Eastern Cape to take on The Stallions of Rhodes University, in Grahamstown at The Great Field on Monday, 18th March 2019.

FNB Rhodes sit at the bottom of the table with one win and four points after one victory in the five games they’ve played. With 172 points conceded in five games, averaging 34,4 points conceded in a game, The Stallions have been unable to lower the scores of their opposition. This is attributed to heavy losses against teams such as FNB UKZN (losing 50-10) and against FNB NMU (losing 53-8). Lower scoring games have seen their record against FNB WSU go 32-6, beating Fort Hare 13-12 in their second game, which granted so much hope, but losing recently to FNB TUT 25-17 – their tightest, most competitive loss. FNB Rhodes in comparison have registered 54 points this season for themselves, of which 13 of those culminated in the team earning an incredible first victory for their season and the competition.

The Stallions now take on a fierce FNB CPUT side who shrugged off FNB TUT, convincingly 57-28, beating FNB Walter Sisulu 28-22, and brushing aside University of Fort Hare 41-25, as well as losing in Round One to an extraordinarily determined and unbeaten FNB Madibaz side 38-21. FNB CPUT haven’t gone a game without conceding at the very minimum an opposition score line of twenty or so points, with their minimum conceded being 22 points against Walter Sisulu. This surely brings a glimmer of hope for FNB Rhodes, because their ‘highest’ total of points scored sits at 17, having achieved this in a recent loss to TUT, 25-17.

If FNB Rhodes can keep FNB CPUT’s conceding record up, then they will indeed register twenty or so points. If FNB TUT fail to win another game, FNB Rhodes would then have to hope they lose by as big the margins as they have, and FNB Rhodes will need to obtain some points in order to avoid a seventh-place finish…Again. If FNB Rhodes can leap to, at least, a sixth-place finish, this will be a remarkable improvement from last season, and The Stallions can only hope that their influence at the top of the table will be to hold FNB CPUT with what many hope will be a very noisy night at the Great Field, as The Grahamstown university gets geared up for their second taste of live Varsity Shield rugby at home.