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#ShowUs how you are making a difference

The FNB Varsity Cup’s iconic Pink Shorts Initiative is synonymous with raising awareness for various charities and causes.

During each Varsity Cup match, the player of the match from the previous game wears a pink short. This pink short is not only there to celebrate the player’s achievement on the field, but also to raise awareness for a very worthy cause.

Over the years, the Pink Shorts Initiative has helped raise funds for various charities and causes, from taking a stand against women and child abuse to helping our audience deal with mental health.

In 2023 we’re stepping it up a notch!

South Africa is a country in need of some serious TLC. There are many challenges facing communities across the country and maybe it’s time every one of us does something to make a difference.

This is the challenge to each FNB Varsity Cup and FNB Varsity Shield university in 2023 - Participate in a community outreach programme, or consider aligning with an existing project within their campuses to connect them to the needs of their community. During the FNB Varsity Cup, the player of the match will wear a pair of personalised pink shorts in the following game to raise awareness for the chosen cause. We want to shift the focus from highlighting the problem to being a part of the solution by encouraging active citizenship and community engagement.

We ask you to consider dedicating a portion of your time, skills and talents to build a community that you want to live in.

And while you’re doing it, #ShowUs!

This year the message is clear - #ShowUs what you are doing to fix South Africa, #ShowUs what you have done to improve your community, #ShowUs what you are doing to uplift those around you. Tag us in all your social media posts and #ShowUs what you have done to make a positive impact in your community.


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