Tornadoes storm to 2019 UCT Internal League title

FNB Varsity Cup, Koshuis Rugby

Ten teams competed in the UCT Internal League round-robin phase but only one, Tornadoes, could come out as champions at the end of the five-month long tournament on the Green Mile.

The Nadoes showed persistent class all season, losing only to the FNB Cobras 15-7. 

Matches were played every Wednesday night, with the final reserved for Friday, 27 September where an impressively large crowd of students came out in their numbers to support their mates under the floodlights of the Green Mile. The atmosphere was rife for a big clash as the Ikeys Pub & Grind was the popular water hole for thirsty students.

The Nadoes opted for running rugby, often displaying their seamless skill to swing the ball up and down the line. This was brilliantly countered by the Babrows through their off the ball tactics which came handy on many occasions. In fact, it was their ‘read-like-a-book’ interception that got them their only converted try.

Nadoes captain Logan Stone was overjoyed with his team’s “hard fought 10-7 victory and coming out as 2019 Champions of Internal League!” The Nadoes were 10-0 up leading into the last ten minutes of the game. But Stone mentioned that it was an extremely tough final performance, especially when the Babrows secured a “seven pointer scare with about five minutes left”.

Stone gave credit to the fighting spirit of the young Babrows who are made up of u/20s only, while the Tornadoes are a mixture of boys, some of whom are 25.

When asked about the season, Stone said that: “it’s been a great and competitive season.” Upon reflection, Stone highlighted the camaraderie within the Nadoes camp.

"It was the same team that stuck together through and through. We play touchies (touch rugby) on a Sunday and then we come out and play.”

The opponents that gave the Nadoes the most grey hairs, according to Stone, is a toss-up between the Cobras and the Turtles because of the their fighting spirit.

When asked what he would like his side to carry over into next season, he unflinchingly replied: “the same bunch of lads. I love them and I hope each of them are playing with the Nadoes again next year.”

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