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Varsity College signs up for Varsity Sports and Varsity Cup

FNB Varsity Cup

Advent Sport Entertainment and Media (ASEM) today announces that The IIE’s Varsity College has entered into a commercial agreement with the University Sports Company (USC), effectively opening the door for The IIE’s Varsity College to participate as a Member University in future Varsity Sports and Varsity Cup tournaments.

Varsity College is a brand of the Independent Institute of Education, the largest registered and accredited private Higher Education provider in South Africa.

“We welcome The IIE’s Varsity College to the Varsity Sports group and look forward to seeing them qualify for any one of our premier sporting tournaments,” says Xhanti-Lomzi Nesi, Head of Varsity Cup and Varsity Sports at ASEM.

“Our tournaments offer SA’s young sporting talent the platforms they need to not only hone their talent, but also to build big-match temperament. For us it’s all about performing, under pressure in front of thousands of fans in stadium and on SuperSport.”

Established in 2008, the FNB Varsity Cup is South Africa’s premier rugby competition, featuring 17 universities competing in two competitions.

The Varsity Sports series features competitions in 7s Rugby, Athletics, Hockey, Cricket, Football and Netball. Qualification for Varsity Sports tournaments is based on the performances of teams at the annual USSA (University Sports of South Africa) tournaments. Only the top four or eight teams progress to a Varsity Sports tournament.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to join Varsity Sports and Varsity Cup,” says Carole Adam, National Sports Manager at The IIE Varsity College. “Knowing that we can qualify for a Varsity Cup tournament, or a Varsity Sports series will give our athletes more focus and determination to succeed.

We have been participating in multiple sporting disciplines for many years now and have seen the positive impact sport has on student life and we want to ensure our students get the opportunities to participate alongside the top public universities.”

The agreement comes into play immediately and The IIE’s Varsity College will have the opportunity in 2022 to potentially qualify for participation in 2023, via the USSA tournaments.

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