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Vote for your FNB Varsity Shield tournament award winners!

FNB Varsity Shield

You can help decide who wins the overall 2022 FNB Varsity Shield Player That Rocks award, as well as the Forward That Rocks and Back That Rocks awards.

The seven FNB Varsity Shield head coaches all nominated three players in each category (excluding their own players), ranked from first to third place. The votes were then collated by the tournament organisers, with first position worth three points, second position two points and third position one point.

The three players with the most points in each category are now being put forward to the public, whose votes will determine the winners.

The public can cast their votes on the Varsity Cup Facebook page and the Varsity Shield Instagram page from Friday, 15 April until 12:00 on the day of the FNB Varsity Shield final on Thursday, 21 April.

The public can only vote once on Facebook and once on Instagram. The total combined votes will determine the winners in each category.

The winners will be announced after the FNB Varsity Shield final.

The Overall Player That Rocks will receive R20,000, with the Forward and Back That Rocks each walking away with R7,500.

‘Varsity Cup and Varsity Shield are tournaments for the people,’ says Varsity Cup Tournament Director Xhanti-Lomzi Nesi. ‘We have a passionate following and want to involve the public in how we decide the category award winners.

The amazing thing this year is that all but one of the matches have been televised, so the public have seen all these amazing players in action.’

2022 FNB Varsity Shield awards nominees:

FNB Back That Rocks

FNB Forward That Rocks

FNB Overall Player That Rocks

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