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FNB UP Tuks 46
12 FNB Wits
Full Time
Tuks Stadium

Running Commentary

6' TRY: Neil Nyembe (FNB Wits)
11' TRY: Etienne Janeke (FNB UP-Tuks) 
TRY: Werner Fourie (FNB UP-Tuks)
CON: Kurt Webster (FNB Wits)
TRY: Dewald Naude (FNB UP-Tuks)
TRY: Jared Fuller (FNB Wits)
PEN: Tinus de beer (FNB UP-TUKS)
TRY: Raegan Oranje (FNB UP-Tuks)
69' TRY: Lourens Pretorius (FNB UP-Tuks)
69' CON: Christo Hamman (FNB UP-Tuks)
75' TRY: Lourens Pretorius (FNB UP-Tuks)
76' CON: Christo Hamman (FNB UP-Tuks)
78' TRY: Ciaran Dayaran (FNB UP-Tuks)
78' CON: Tinus De Beer (FNB UP-Tuks)

The Stats