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FNB CUT Ixias 23
40 FNB UP Tuks
Full Time
CUT Rugby Stadium

Running Commentary

4' TRY Kabelo Mokoena (FNB UP-Tuks)

10' PEN Charles Williams (FNB CUT)

18' TRY Kabelo Mokoena (FNB UP-Tuks) - point-of-origin

19' CON Theo Boshoff (FNB UP-Tuks)

24' PEN Charles Williams (FNB CUT)

35' TRY PJ Krugell (FNB CUT)

36' CON Charles Williams (FNB CUT)

37' TRY PJ Krugell (FNB CUT)

38' CON Charles Williams (FNB CUT)

42' PEN Charles Williams (FNB CUT)

49' YC Xavier Swartbooi (FNB CUT)

51' TRY Wian van Niekerk (FNB UP-Tuks)

52' CON Theo Boshoff (FNB UP-Tuks)

55' TRY Alex-Zander du Plessis (FNB UP-Tuks)

63' PEN Theo Boshoff (FNB UP-Tuks)

79' TRY Sango Xamlashe (FNB UP-Tuks) - point-of-origin

80' CON Theo Boshoff (FNB UP-Tuks)

The Stats