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FNB CUT Ixias 44
44 FNB UCT Ikeys
Full Time
CUT Rugby Stadium

Running Commentary

7' TRY! Michael Brink (FNB UCT)

8' CON! James Tedder (FNB UCT)

9' TRY! Luvuyo Ndevu (FNB CUT) - point-of-origin

17' TRY! Niell Stannard (FNB CUT)

18' CON! Cohen Jasper (FNB CUT)

21' TRY! Cuan Hablutzel (FNB UCT)

22' CON! James Tedder (FNB UCT)

30' TRY! PJ Krugell (FNB CUT) - point-of-origin

32' TRY! Christiaan Nel (FNB CUT) - point-of-origin

33' CON! Cohen Jasper (FNB CUT)

39' TRY! Janus Venter (FNB CUT)

40' CON! Cohen Jasper (FNB CUT)

47' TRY! James Tedder (FNB UCT) - point-of-origin

48' CON! James Tedder (FNB UCT)

49' TRY! Liam Furniss (FNB UCT)

50' CON! James Tedder (FNB UCT)

55' TRY! Gary Porter (FNB UCT)

56' CON! James Tedder (FNB UCT)

67' TRY! Niell Stannard (FNB CUT)

68' CON! Cohen Jasper (FNB CUT)

79' TRY! Josh van Vuuren (FNB UCT)

80' CON! James Tedder (FNB UCT)

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