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UP Tuks YGuns 36
10 UJ YGuns
Full Time
Tuks Stadium

Running Commentary

FNB UP-Tuks Young Guns victorious despite not being at their best against FNB UJ

FNB UP-Tuks Young Guns retained their unbeaten status in the FNB Varsity Young Guns 2020 tournament by beating UJ 36-10 on Monday, 17 February.

The score is, however, not a true reflection of what happened on the field. UP-Tuks only won because they were able to make the most of every scoring opportunity.

One thing that is for sure is that the Stripe Generation's Young Guns has big match temperament. What was also impressive is that no player seems to hesitate to make crucial tackles when it mattered.

In contrast to that, UJ turned out to be their own worst enemy. They spent about 60% of the time in UP-Tuks' half, but it was to no avail. Time and again when it mattered, they made basic mistakes letting UP-Tuks off the hook.

For the first 30 minutes, it was anyone's game, but then UP-Tuks scored twice in the spate of five minutes to take a 19-3 lead at halftime.

UJ closed down on the point’s deficit in the fifth minute of the second half scoring a converted try. They then went on to pin down UP-Tuks in their own half for nearly 20 minutes but try as they may UJ was not able to add to their points tally.

In the last five minutes, Tuks executed another blitzkrieg, scoring two tries within four minutes to ensure convincing victory.

UP-Tuks winger, Enrique Oranje, was quite realistic about their performance.

"It was not our best performance. We certainly did not execute what we had practised."

Fullback Clyde Lewis, UP-Tuks' captain, added that stupid mistakes led to the team having to play mostly a defensive game.

"There is no doubt we need to improve. The good thing is that we managed to win even when not playing at our best. In the end, that is what matters."

FNB UP-Tuks: 36 (19)

Tries: Adolph Visser, Raynard Roets, Alex-Zander du Plessis, Siya Tyulu, Clyde Lewis.
Conversion: Alex-Zander du Plessis
Penalties: Alex-Zander du Plessis 3

FNB UJ: 10 (3)
Try: Ishma-eel Safodien
Conversion: Enrique Franks
Penalty: Enrique Franks

Report by Wilhelm de Swardt (TuksSport Media)

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