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Varsity College hit the ground running ahead of debut FNB Varsity Shield campaign

The FNB Varsity College Rugby squad for the upcoming FNB Varsity Shield competition began their preparations for their inaugural appearance in the competition with a gruelling training camp at their base in Durban North.

Pic via Varsity College

After beating Rhodes in August last year, Varsity College qualified to play in the Varsity Shield and will be the first private higher education institution to do so.

With just over a month until they make their debut in the second tier of the premier varsity rugby competition in South Africa, the players were put through their paces in the tough Durban summer conditions.

"Some people might think that a three-and-a-half day camp isn't that long but we managed to achieve a lot in that time which made every minute worthwhile," head coach Jeremy McLaren said.

"We spent a lot of time coming up to speed on our fitness as well as concentrating a lot on some theory work in the lecture room where we got to know each other on a more personal level as well as focus on our set plays.”

McLaren and his coaching staff worked the players hard throughout the camp in an attempt to prepare them for the high level of competition that comes with playing in the Varsity Shield.

"There was a lot of accountability placed on each individual during the holidays and I think that the players have come back ready to tackle what lies ahead and are looking strong," McLaren added.

Despite many successful years playing top-tier club rugby in the KZNRU leagues and being competitive in the USSA competitions, this is a whole new challenge and a huge opportunity for growth for Varsity College.

Varsity College’s first Varsity Shield match is a home fixture against FNB TUT on Friday 23 February at IIE Varsity College Durban North. 

For all their fixtures click HERE.

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