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White card to be used in FNB Varsity Cup final

FNB Varsity Cup

All you need to know about the white card that will be used in the FNB Varsity Cup final on Monday night.

The white card as a referral may be used by coaches and captains to review a decision made by a referee as described in the situations below.

Each team will be allowed ONE referral per half. If the team is successful in their referral, they will keep their referral.

If they are unsuccessful, they will lose their right to their referral.

The process will be as follows:

1. Each team will receive two cards marked 'Half 1' and 'Half 2'. 2. If the captain wants to refer an incident, he will request the referee to show a white card. 3. He has to be specific in his referral. No general referral will be allowed. 4. If the coach wants to refer an incident, he will request the TMO to inform the referee of the white card request. The referee will show the white card. 5. The coach will then convey his referral to the TMO and this must be specific 6. The TMO will then inform the referee and producer and the normal procedures will prevail. 7. At the end of a half or the game finishes, each team will have 15 seconds to indicate if they want to use a white card referral.

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