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Maties Crowned Winners of Cheerleaders that Rock 2024 Competition

Maties have claimed the title in this year's FNB Varsity Cup Cheerleaders that Rock competition. The competition formed part of this year’s Varsity Cup and Varsity Shield tournaments and included cheerleading squads from most participating universities battling it out for the top Cheerleading spot in varsity rugby.

Officially judged by SAMCA (South African Majorette and Cheerleading Association), who evaluated each cheerleading team's performance based on a new set of criteria, Maties’ victory marks a shift from last year's winners, UCT, who now find themselves in 3rd place after winning the competition in 2023 with the cheerleading squad from CUT being placed second. 

Chris Wilding, SAMCA National Cheerleading Team Head Coach, shared his insights into the judging process, highlighting the importance placed on crowd leading and engagement this year, “Maties secured the top spot not only for their impressive crowd coverage but also for their commendable technique. Maties demonstrated good adherence to the criteria, displaying strong crowd interaction and leadership during their performances."

Wilding also acknowledged the hard work of the runners-up, CUT, noting their commitment to meeting the competition's criteria. He praised CUT for their strong visuals, effective crowd engagement, and contributions to the lively atmosphere during game nights.

Public engagement contributed to the overall scoring, with 5% of the total score coming from online voting. UWC were the frontrunners in online voting, securing an impressive 17% of the total votes.

Congratulations to Maties for their victory, and kudos to all the participating teams for their hard work and dedication in making this year's competition a success.

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