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Wits’ Humphries continues to strive for the best

FNB Wits have brought a mixed set of results so far in this season’s FNB Varsity Cup. They are currently fourth on the log with log leaders FNB NWU waiting in the last round-robin match.

One man who has however shown great consistency is flyhalf Christian Humphries who is playing in his sixth Varsity Cup season with the team. With 38 appearances, it makes him the most capped Wits player ever. Not only that, with 40 points so far this season, he is also the leading points scorer despite missing some games due to injury.

Varsity Cup recently took time out to chat with Christian about what keeps him ticking and motivated to turn up in the blue and gold strip of Wits. What motivated you to start playing rugby?

“I've played rugby since about the age of 5 so I'm not quite sure if there was any real motivation back then! But the decision to pursue it came at about 16 years old and that motivation stemmed from being included in the provincial set-up for the first time. Being in that environment and with the best, my province had to offer flipped a switch in my head. I believe the motivation grew from that.”

What goes through your head before taking a pressure kick in front of big crowds to keep calm?

“I try my best to clear my mind of everything and envision myself on the field as if I was in training. No added pressure, no cameras and fans, just another kick that I've kicked hundreds of times before. Once I've done that, I just go through the different parts of my kick in my head and when that's done, I trust my process.”

How has your experience in the Varsity Cup improved your game?

“I think it's had the biggest impact on the mental side of my game. Almost every player in the competition is chasing a higher accolade and that means you have a lot of guys working very hard to try and get the edge. It forces you to stay on top of your own game and a big part of that, especially in the position I play, is to play intelligently. That's something that becomes a lot easier with experience because ultimately if you've seen the movie before, you know what needs to happen to get to the end.” What do you believe keeps your performances consistent and keeps you in the Wits starting XV after all these years?

“I've been very lucky at Wits. I had a huge opportunity in my first year and used that to get my foot in the door. Since then, I've tried to go into every game to achieve 2 or 3 goals that I feel will give us an advantage. The confidence I take from my teammates and the support they've given me over the years has also been the cornerstone of my success. It allows me to play freely and motivates me to put in the best 80 minutes I possibly can.”

by S’fiso Nyawo


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