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FNB Maties 62
24 FNB CUT Ixias
Full Time
Danie Craven Stadium

Running Commentary

17' TRY Anton du Toit (FNB Maties)

27' TRY Hardus Nel (FNB CUT)

27' CON Charles Williams (FNB CUT)

34' TRY Anton du Toit (FNB Maties) - point-of-origin

37' TRY Munier Hartzenberg (FNB Maties) - point-of-origin

40' PEN TRY (FNB Maties)

40' YC Jacques Ackerman (FNB CUT)

42' TRY Anton du Toit (FNB Maties)

46' TRY Reinhardt Fortuin (FNB Maties)

44' CON Reinhardt Fortuin (FNB Maties)

50' RC Jacques Ackerman (FNB CUT)

52' TRY Anton du Toit (FNB Maties)

53' CON Reinhardt Fortuin (FNB Maties)

56' TRY Munier Hartzenberg (FNB Maties)

63' TRY Matthew Sekele (FNB CUT)

66' TRY Erasmus Breedt (FNB CUT) - point-of-origin

71' TRY Luciano Elias (FNB Maties)

76' TRY Jan Kotze (FNB CUT)

79' PEN TRY (FNB Maties)


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