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Suzuki gets into the driving seat with FNB Varsity Cup and Varsity Sports

The FNB Varsity Cup and Varsity Sports welcomes Suzuki as a major sponsor.

Advent Sport Entertainment and Media (ASEM) has secured an exclusive sponsorship agreement with leading automotive brand Suzuki, which promises to take fans that rock to a whole new level. The three-year deal will see Suzuki feature as a second-tier sponsor at the FNB Varsity Cup and as main sponsor at all Varsity Sports tournaments.

“We are delighted that such a powerful brand as Suzuki will be joining the Varsity Cup and Varsity Sports family,” says Francois Pienaar, CEO of ASEM. “University sport is the platform to unearth our next generation of sport superstars.

Banyana Banyana, the African football champions with 12 Varsity Football players in the squad, is a prime example of the talent we have in our youth. A very warm welcome to Suzuki as we celebrate 15 years of Varsity Cup rugby and 10 years of Varsity Sports.”

Suzuki’s timing is perfect as Varsity Sports celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2022 with a unique festival of sport, scheduled to take place in October in Gauteng. The weeklong celebration will see Varsity Cricket, 7s and Hockey played at the University of Pretoria.

“As the number one compact car manufacturer in South Africa, Suzuki’s involvement in Varsity Sports allows us the opportunity to introduce our beloved brand to the enthusiastic and driven youth market,” says Brendon Carpenter, Brand Marketing Manager of Suzuki South Africa.

“Varsity Sports enables us to be an integral part of an established and sustainable sports spectacle, one where we are able to support and celebrate the sports stars of the future. We want Suzuki to be part of their journey and fill it with FUN.”

More fun is exactly what Varsity Cup and Varsity Sports fans can look forward to in 2023, Varsity Cup promises to take ‘rugby that rocks’ and ‘fans that rock’ to the next level with significant changes to the tournament and the match day experience. Fans can look forward to exhilarating rugby as well as campus and match day activations that are unique to the varsity experience.

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