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FNB Varsity Cup – Creating Champions, Changing Lives

FNB Varsity Cup

All 12 FNB Varsity Cup-winning teams will feature on the fifth Changing Lives banner at Tuks Stadium from Thursday.

The FNB Varsity Cup and FNB Varsity Shield have been life-changing tournaments for rugby players, coaches, referees, fans and broadcasters.

With this year's tournaments being played without fans in a bio-secure bubble at the University of Pretoria, Varsity Cup has used Tuks Stadium as a canvas to showcase those whose lives were changed by Rugby That Rocks.

The first banner, which was displayed during the first FNB Varsity Cup bubble, featured 20 of the 48 FNB Varsity Cup players who have gone on to represent the Springboks.

The second banner, for the first four rounds of the FNB Varsity Shield, celebrated FNB Varsity Cup and Shield success stories, while the Pink Shorts campaign was the focus of the third banner during Rounds 4-6 of the FNB Varsity Cup.

The fourth banner, displayed during Rounds 4-7 and the final of the FNB Varsity Shield, featured all the teams that had won the Shield from 2011 to 2019.

And now, the fifth – and final – banner puts all the FNB Varsity Cup-winning teams since the tournament’s inception in 2008 in the spotlight. They are:

  • FNB Maties (five titles – 2008, 2009, 2010, 2018, 2019)

  • FNB UP-Tuks (three titles – 2012, 2013, 2017)

  • FNB UCT Ikeys (two titles – 2011, 2014)

  • FNB UFS Shimlas (one title – 2015)

  • FNB NWU (one title – 2016)

The Varsity Cup website is also producing a series of articles throughout the FNB Varsity Cup and FNB Varsity Shield on those whose lives were never the same again after experiencing Rugby That Rocks.

Those featured recently include Test referee Rasta Rasivhenge, FNB Varsity Cup-winning coaches Jonathan Mokuena and John Dobson, and former FNB Madibaz loose forward Tim Agaba, who is currently playing for the Bulls.

FNB Varsity Cup final results:

2008: FNB Maties 16 FNB UCT Ikeys 10 2009: FNB Maties 11 FNB NWU-Pukke 6 2010: FNB Maties 17 FNB UCT Ikeys 14 2011: FNB UCT Ikeys 26 FNB UP-Tuks 16 2012: FNB UP-Tuks 29 FNB Maties 21 2013: FNB UP-Tuks 44 FNB Maties 5 2014: FNB UCT Ikeys 39 FNB NWU-Pukke 33 2015: FNB UFS Shimlas 63 FNB NWU-Pukke 33 2016: FNB NWU-Pukke 7 FNB Maties 6 2017: FNB UP-Tuks 28 FNB Maties 21 2018: FNB Maties 40 FNB NWU-Pukke 7 2019: FNB Maties 34 FNB UP-Tuks 12


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